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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7786 Analysis of Multi-Scale Beach Change
Harshinie Karunarathna; Hajime Mase; Yasuyuki Baba
7787 Numerical Simulation of Spatial Evolution of Coherent Motions in Submerged Rigid Vegetation Patch Flow
Wanyun Xue; Shiqiang Wu; Xiufeng Wu; Jie Zhou; Jiangyu Dai
7788 Yangtze Estuary Water Quality Early Warning and Emergency Response System Based on Webgis&Amp; Ria
Liangang Chen; Dan Liu; Yifan Xu; Qiu Jin; Yong Shi; Tiantian Guo
7789 Integrating Artificial Neural Networks into Hydromorphological Model for Fluvial Channels
Minh Duc Bui; Keivan Kaveh; Peter Rutschmann
7790 Development and Validation of a 3D Numerical Model to Simulate Floods in Natural Streams
Daniel V. Horna Munoz; George Constantinescu
7791 Hydrodynamic Computational Modelling of an Estuary Affected by Human Intervention
Adolfo J Cardozo; Luis P. Thomas; Margarita Portapila; Beatriz M. Marino; Martín Romagnoli
7792 Building a Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Model While Facing Challenges in Data Availability in the Oshana Region of Central Northern Namibia
Toon Goormans; Ronny Van Looveren; Pauline Mufeti; Jan Wynants
7793 Boundary Layer Development in Roughness Layer at Modeled Armored Gravel Bed Stream and the Sand Movement in the Region
Norio Tanaka; Yuta Yoshizawa; Saqib Habib
7794 Physical Modeling of Artificial River Replenishment Techniques to Restore Morphological Conditions Downstream of Dams
Battisacco; E. ; Maire A. ; Franca; M. J. ; Schleiss; A. J.
7795 Fluid Mechanics, Sediment Transport and Mixing About the Confluence of Negro and Solimões Rivers, Manaus, Brazil
Mark Trevethan; Re Martinelli; Marco Oliveira; Marco Ianniruberto; Carlo Gualtieri

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