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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7722 Turbulent Advances of Breaking Bores: Physical Modelling in a Large Facility
Xinqian Leng; Hubert Chanson
7978 Sediment Transport and Geomorphological Adjustment in a High Discharge Tropical Delta (Magdalena River, Colombia): Insights of a Period of Intense Change and Human Intervention (1990-2010)
Juan C. Restrepo; Kerstin Schrottke; Camille Trainiandrés Orejarena; Juan C. Ortiz; Aldemar Higgins; Luis Otero; Leonardo Marriaga
7723 Monitoring of Thermal Power Plant Operation on Aquatic Ecosystem in Tropical Estuarine River of Thailand, 2008-2013
Sarawuth Chesoh; Apiradee Lim
7979 A Two-Dimensional Depth Averaged Model for Mixed Flows Simulation
Hamid Bashiri Atrabi; Takashi Hosoda; Hidekazu Shirai
7724 Spatial Dike Breach: Sediment Surface Topography Using Photogrammetry
Pierre-Jacques Frank; Willi H. Hager
7980 Hydraulic Characteristics of Meander-Type Fish Passes
Jürgen Stamm; Ulf Helbig; Rocco Zimmermann
7725 Comparation of Pollutant Charges Issued by Industrial Groups to Valencia Lake Basin Between the Years 2009 and 2011, Venezuela
A. Márquez; M. Mura; Olgui Figueira; E. Guevara
7981 Combined Potential and Impacts of Tidal Lagoons Along the North Wales Coast
Athanasios Angeloudis; Reza Ahmadian; Roger A. Falconer; Bettina Bockelmann-Evans
7726 Evaluation of Temporal Variation in Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Water and Soil in Oil Exploitation Zone of Venezuela
A. Márquez; Olgui Figueira; M. Mura; E. Guevara
7982 Influence of Column Width on the Equilibrium Scour Depth at a Complex Pier
Mario Moreno; António Muralha; Lúcia Couto; Rodrigo Maia; A. Heleno Cardoso

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