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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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ID Title Authors Year
15360 Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of Flow Regimes in Step -Pools
Georg Premstaller; Peter Rutschmann; Lehrstuhl Und Versuchsanstalt F. Ur
15616 Development of Multifunctional Management System of St. Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier
Rosa R. Mikhailenko
15872 Extreme Floods and Integrated Flood Management
Helmut Habersack; Jochen Burgel; Heinz Stiefelmeyer; Gerald Krapesch
15361 Experimental Investigation of Air Inception Point on Stepped Spillways
Kavianpour M. R.; Masoumi H. R.
15617 Underwater Trench Incision and Turbid Overspill Due to Moving Point Jets
Su Jason C. C.; Perng Arthur T. H.; Capart Herve
15873 The Effect of Mesh Structures on Salinity Intrusion
Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Hiroyasu Yasuda; Yasuharu Watanabe
15362 CFD Modeling of Turbulent Jet Mixing in a Water Storage Tank
Michael Marek; Thorsten Stoesser; Philip J. W. Roberts; Volker Weitbrecht; Gerhard H. Jirka
15618 Approaches to Managing Channel Confluence Alignments
Robert Ettema
15874 Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis for Predicting the Behavior of Water Temperature and Turbidity in a Pumped Storage Reservoir
Nozomu Yoneyama; Motoyuki Inoue; Nobukazu Tanaka
15363 Scale-Dependent Dispersion in Rivers
Zhi-Qiang Deng; Hoon-Shin Jung

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