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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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ID Title Authors Year
15319 Two Dimensional Modelling of River Bifurcations
Farhad Yazdandoost; Mahdi Rezapour
15320 Simulation of Debris Flow in Erodible Channels
Giorgio Rosatti; Aronne Armanini; Luigi Fraccarollo
15321 Trapping Efficiency of a Green Flood Retention Reservoir Concerning Contaminated Sediment
Sven Wurms; Bernhard Westrich
15322 Uncertainty Evaluation of Flood Warning System: Reliability and Trade-Off
Amir Norouzi; Ahmadreza Ghavasieh; Jalal Attari
15323 Analysis of Combined Sewer Overflow Spill Frequency/Volume in North of Spain
Anta Jose; Beneyto Maria; Cagiao Juan; Temprano Javier; Pineiro Jose; Gonzalez Javier; Suarez Joaquin; Puertas Jeronimo
15324 The Role of Cohesion and Biological Adhesion on Resuspension Phenomena of Benthic Sediments
Maurizio Righetti; Paolo Bertola; Corrado Lucarelli
15325 Energy and Momentum Approaches for Analysis of Gradually-Varied Flow Through Compound Channels
S. M. R. Alavi Moghaddam; S. M. Hosseini
15326 Application of Double Averaging Method Technique for the Analysis of the Flow in Vegetated Channels
Maurizio Righetti; Paolo Gardiman; Aronne Armanini
15327 De-Aeration by Structural Means in Pressurized Flow
Wickenhauser Martin; Minor Hans-Erwin
15328 Flood Damage Calculation Supported by Inundation Model in the Tisza Valley
Laszlo Koncsos; Edina Balogh

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