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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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ID Title Authors Year
15259 Bed Load Sheets and Bed Load Fluctuation in Gravel Bed Experiments
No S.
15260 Scale Effect on Zone Settling for Flocculent Suspensions with Clear Interface
Shaohua Marko Hsu; Cheng Chieh Lin; Chao Qin Wang
15261 Experimental Analysis of the Formation of Step-Pool Sequences
Recchia Nicola; Armanini Aronne
15262 Reliability of Horizontal Current Feature Analysis Using Dbf Ocean Radar
Shin’Ichi Sakai; Shuzo Nishida; Akihide Tada; Masafumi Matsuyama; Takaki Tsubono
15263 Valuation of the Intake Head Loss Coefficient’s Behavior with Asymmetric Flows
Battiston Cristiane Collet; Canellas Alba Valeria Brandao; Marques Marcelo Giulian
15264 Step Pool Ramp Stability Dependent on Step Boulder Shape, Adjustment and Filter Material
Natascha Korecky
15265 Application of the Mast Scheme for the Shallow Water Simulation in the Marsala Lagoon
Arico Costanza; Ciraolo Giuseppe; Nasello Carmelo; Tucciarelli Tullio
15266 Clouds Image Processing for Velocity Acquisition
Guerrero Massimo; Lamberti Alberto
15267 Parameterisation of Square-Grid Hydrodynamic Models of Inundation in the Urban Area
Sylvain Neelz; Gareth Pender
15268 An Interactive Multi-Objective Framework for Expert-Based Hydrologic Model Calibration
Abhishek Singh; Barbara S. Minsker; Albert Valocchi

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