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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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15279 Experimental Study on Influence of Levee Breach Depth on Flood Wave Propagation in Inundation Area
Kwang Seok Yoon
15280 Comparison of Numerical Diffusion of Mass Transport in Shock Capturing Methods for a Density Coupled Shallow Water Model
Alberto De La Fuente; P. Andrew Sleigh; Yarko Nino
15281 Distribution of Settling Velocities of Particles in Urban Stormwater: Assessment and Uncertainties of the Vicas Protocol
Andres Torres; Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski
15282 A Weighted Surface−Depth Gradient Method for the Solution of the 2D Shallow Water Equations
Francesca Aureli; Andrea Maranzoni; Paolo Mignosa; Chiara Ziveri
15283 Advanced Numerical Modelling of the Scouring Process Around the Piers of a Bridge
Davide Motta; Ramon Pacheco; Riccardo Telo
15284 Seasonal Distribution 224Radium Activities in the Venice Lagoon as a Proxy for Groundwater Discharge
Garcia-Solsona Ester; Rapaglia John; Garcia-Orellana Jordi; Zaggia Luca; Pere; Masque-Barri; Beck Aaron; Ferla Maurizio; Cochran Kirk; Bokuniewicz Henry
15285 Investigation of Spoiler Baffle Geometry Influence on the Velocity Distribution in Culverts Using a Numerical 3D Code
Feurich Robert; Boubee Jacques
15286 Estimation of Cavity Length Behind Aerators
Wu Jianhua; Ruan Shiping
15287 Observations and Analyses of Intertidal Ecological Patterns Through Remote-Sensing
Belluco Enrica; Vardy Suzy; Aspden Rebecca; Paterson David; Marani Marco
15288 Coupling of a 2D Diffusion-Based Flood Inundation Model to a 1D River Flow for Urban Flood Inundation Modelling
D. Yu; S. N. Lane

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