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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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15289 Drag Coefficient for Particles Settling in Fluids in Motion; Experimental Observations
Humberto Salinas Tapia; Juan Antonio Garcia Aragon
15290 Discharge Coefficients for Sluice Gates in Weirs
Calomino Francesco; Lauria Agostino; Miglio Antonio; Palma Giulio
15291 Experimental Observations on Sediment Motion Under Weak One-Dimensional Bed Load
Francesco Ballio; Silvio Franzetti; Alessio Radice
15292 Runon and Sediment Transport over Heterogeneous Hillslopes
N. Nahar; Rao S. Govindaraju; Corrado Corradini; Renato Morbielli
15293 Numerical Modelling of the Morphodynamic Evolution of Sand Banks in the Gironde Estuary
Nicolas Chini; Catherine Villaret
15294 Simulating the Profile Evolution of Large Unsurveyed Rivers: The Case of Zambezi (Austral Africa)
Paolo Ronco; Giacomo Fasolato; Giampaolo Di Silvio
15295 Micro Modelling of Regular and Random Wave Fields
Dimitris Stagonas; Peter Frohle; Gerald Muller
15296 A Case Study of Retrofitting Existing Dams with Fish Pass and Environmental Flow Release: The Fish Pass Project at la Loggia Weir on Po River (ITALY)
Comoglio Claudio; Enrico Pini Prato; Rosso Maurizio
15297 3D Flow Model of Aquifer Systems of Central Veneto (ITALY)
Giulia Passadore; Martina Monego; Michele Sartori; Mario Putti; Lorenzo Altissimo; Andrea Sottani; Andrea Rinaldo
15298 Three-Dimentional Computations of Compound Channel Flow
Xiao Yang; Sun Li

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