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Proceedings of the 32nd IAHR World Congress (Venice, 2007)

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15299 Pressure Pulsations in Bottom Outlet Tunnels – Critical Air Entrainment and Prevention Measures at the Gepatsch dam/Austria
Schoberl Friedrich; Reindl Robert
15300 Effects of Bottom-Height Changes on Maximal Exchange-Flow Estimates in Channels with Quadratic- Shape Cross Sections
Janek Laanearu; Peter A. Davies; T. Iit Koppel
15301 Determination of Parameters for Venting Turbidity Currents Through a Reservoir
J. Schneider; H. Badura; W. Troy; H. Knoblauch
15302 Discharge Coefficients of Sharp-Crested Side-Weir in the Broad Open Channel
Dong Sop Rhee; Chang Wan Kim
15303 Modular Data-Driven Hydrologic Models with Incorporated Knowledge: Neural Networks and Model Trees
Gerald Corzo; Michael Siek; Roland Price; Dimitri Solomatine
15304 Transcritical Flows in Open Channel Intersections
N. Riviere; G. Travin; R. J. Perkins
15305 Experimental Analysis of Tidal Network Growth and Development
Tesser G.; L. Carniello; A. Defina; S. Lanzoni; F. M. Susin; L. D’Alpaos
15306 An Improved Immersed Boundary Method for Complex Geometry Environmental Flows
Milici Barbara; Roman Federico; Napoli Enrico; Armenio Vincenzo
15307 A Simple Methodology for the Dam-Break Wave Evaluation
Aureli Francesca; Maranzoni Andrea; Mignosa Paolo; Ziveri Chiara
15308 Log Velocity Profile and Bottom Displacement for a Flow over a Very Flexible Submerged Canopy
Ciraolo Giuseppe; Ferreri Giovanni Battista

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