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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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ID Title Authors Year
16640 Study on Comparative Method Using AHP and GIS Based Distributed Runoff Model
Jin-Hyeog Park; Toshiharu Kojiri; Deuk Koo Koh
16896 Monitoring of Sediment Transport During a Flushing Event
Hannes Badura; Josef Schneider; Helmut Knoblauch
16641 Dynamic Assessment of Water Resources in the Yellow River Basin Using GIS/Rs and WEP-L Model
Jia Y.; H. Wang; J. Wang; D. Qin; X. Luo; Z. Zhou D. Yan
16897 Settling and Sedimentation Behavior of Fine-Grained Materials
Soonkie Nam; Panayiotis S.; Marte S. Gutierrez
16642 A Strategy for Rapid WWTP Performance Evaluation Combining Deterministic and Black-Box Models
B. Raduly; K. V. Gernaey; A. G. Capodaglio; P. S. Mikkelsen; M. Henze
16898 Safety and Risk Analysis of Flood Protection Levees Based on Reservoir Sediment Transport Modelling
Wei Hu; George Jacoub; Roberto Kohane; Bernhard Westrich
16643 A Model for Efficient Water Use in an Urban Water Network
Victor Hugo Alcocer Yamanaka; Felipe I. Arreguin Cortes
16899 Analysis of Water-Gas Flow Processes in Dike Systems with Fault Zones
Reinhard Hinkelmann; Tobias Busse; Pascale Rouault; Marko Nehrig
16644 Reasonable Allocation and Management of Multi-Water Resources in Dalian City
Yan Han; Shiguo Xu
16900 Use of a 3D RANS Model to Predict Stratification Effects Related to Fish Passage at Hydropower Dams
Md. Manjurul Haque; Mete Koken; George Constantinescu; Larry Weber

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