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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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16472 Aggregate Urban Water Demand Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks
Li Gu; Brent Burton
16473 Analysis on Oscillation and Structural Optimization of Stepped Low-Pressure Water Transfer Project
Jijian Lian; Xiangpeng Mu; Wuyi Wan
16474 Integrated Planning of Water Distribution System in Seoul City
Suk Hwan Jang; Tae Yong Choi; Kwang Suop Lim
16475 Calculation and Research for Transient Flows in Power Station of Bulb Tubular Type Turbine After Load Rejection
Chen Yun-Liang; Wu Chao; Ju Xiao-Ming; Ye Mao
16476 Rainwater Management Facility Cases in Korean Apartment Complexes
Kyung Hak Hyun; Jong Bae Park; Sung Young Kim; Kyung Young Jeong; Sun Young Chang; Sung Sik Ahn
16477 Underestimation of the Friction Factor in a Pipeline and Its Influence in an Accident Caused by Waterhammer
Gabriel Soto-Cortes; Dario Guaycochea-Guglielmi
16478 Numerical Modeling to Determine Optimum Design Factor for Groundwater Dam Construction
Heejun Suk; Min Woo Seo; Hyoung Soo Kim
16479 Major Aspects of Sewerage Hydraulics
D. H. Yoo; J. T. Lee
16480 Evaluation of the Intercepted Volume of Combined Sewer Overflows and Stormwater Sewer Discharge Consiedring the Received Water Quality
Seung Cheol Choi; Bongsoon Shin; Yongdae Gwon; Jay Myoung Rim
16481 The Inundation Analysis System on Urban Area and Its Application
Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo; Sigeru Hirashima; Yasunori Hirayama; Masahiro Tanaka; Toshihiko Takahashi

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