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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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16502 A Low Numerical Diffusive Scheme for Pollutant Transport in Shallow Water Systems
Marco Petti; Silvia Bosa
16503 Groundwater Remediation by Using Permeable Adsorbing Barrier to Remove Heavy Metals
Michele Di Natale; Roberto Greco; Despina Karatza; Dino Musmarra
16504 Cause of Turbidity in Luangwa River-Case of Dry Season
Hisashi Hayashi; Mwanangombi Clifford; Danford Banda
16505 Towards a More Safe Environment: (3) Phosphatic Clays as Solution for Removing Pb 2+ from Wastewater
Samy Mohamed Abd Allah
16506 Development of a Framework of Automated Water Quality Parameter Estimation
Kyung-Sub Kim; Chung-Hwan Je; Jin-Hong Kim
16507 Historical Flood-Control Technology and Flood Flow Analysis in the Kotsuki River, Japan
Makoto Hikida; Kichan Park; Haruyuki Hashimoto
16508 Assessment of Self-Purification in the Small River and Improvement of Water Quality by Natural Purification Process
Jong-Min Oh; Isong Choi
16509 Analysis of Shear Flow Dispersion Using 2-D Sequential Mixing Model
Il Won Seo; Eun Woo Son
16510 Formation and Flow of Saline Groundwater in the Yellow River Delta, China
S. Onodera; K. Miyaoka; M. Taniguchi; M. Saito; T. Ishitobi; J. Chen; G. Liu; Y. Fukushima
16511 Nitrate Transport and Reduction Measures in Coastal Aquifer of an Agricultural Watershed, Southern Japan
Mitsuyo Saito; Shin-Ichi Onodera

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