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Proceedings of the 29th IAHR World Congress (Beijing, 2001)

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  • ISBN: 7-302-04676-X
  • Publisher: Tsinghua University Press
  • Editor(s): Guifen Li
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The XXIX IAHR Congress was held at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) in Beijing, September 16-21, 2001. The central theme of the Congress is: 21st Century: The New Era for Hydraulic Research and Its Applications

The central theme was broken down into the following subthemes:

More than 600 papers were presented in 93 sessions during the five days of the Congress. At the Congress two general reports, four keynote lectures and a number of invited lectures were given by leading scientists.

ID Title Authors Year
23063 Knowledge Management for the Water Sector
R. K. Price
23064 Mathematical Modeling of Coupled Dnapl, Heat and Mass Transport in Unsaturated Porous Medium
Yasuhide Takano; Kuniaki Sato; Kiyoshige Nishibayashi; Hiroshi Kubo; Teruyuki Fukuhara
23065 Measurement of Evaporation from Bare Soil and a New Approach to Surface Resistance
Shriyangi Aluwihare; Kunio Watanabe
23066 Medium to Long-Term Probabilistic Forecasting for Efficient Water Resource Management
Ashish Sharma
23067 Methodical Challenges of Operationalising the Interface of Water Basin Management and Regional Development Planning
Peter Treuner; She Zhixiang
23068 Modelling the Water Balance of Natural Lake Under Limited Data Situation for Impact Assessment: The Case of Abaya and Chamo Lakes, Ethiopia
Seleshi B. Awulachew; Habil H. -B. Horlacher
23069 Monitoring and Modeling of Urbanization Impacts on Groundwater in the Yata River Watershed
G. Ni; Y. Jia; T. Kinouchi; K. Tojima; J. Yoshitani; T. Tanaka
23070 Monte-Carlo Based Uncertainty Analysis Framework Using a Multi-Modal Genetic Algorithm
M. Werner; S. T. Khu
23071 Non-Parametric Analysis on Hydraologyic Probability Plotting Positions Considering Extraordinary Values
Chuan Liang; Yongming Shen
23072 Numerical Simulation Method to Determine Unsaturated Hydraulic Parameters of Fracture
Hu Yunjin; Su Baoyu; Zhan Meili

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