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Proceedings of the 29th IAHR World Congress (Beijing, 2001)

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  • ISBN: 7-302-04676-X
  • Publisher: Tsinghua University Press
  • Editor(s): Guifen Li
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The XXIX IAHR Congress was held at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) in Beijing, September 16-21, 2001. The central theme of the Congress is: 21st Century: The New Era for Hydraulic Research and Its Applications

The central theme was broken down into the following subthemes:

More than 600 papers were presented in 93 sessions during the five days of the Congress. At the Congress two general reports, four keynote lectures and a number of invited lectures were given by leading scientists.

ID Title Authors Year
23103 Water Resources Management in the Ob-Irtysh River Basin and Related Environmental Problems
Oleg F. Vasiliev
23104 2D Water Quality Analysis System in Han River
Kun-Yeun Han; Eul-Rae Lee; Sang-Ho Kim
23105 3D Computation of Temperature Fieldnear the Dam of a Deep Reservoir
Luo Lin; Deng Yun; Zhao Wenqian; Li Jia
23106 3D Simulation of Pollutant Dispersion in Rivers
M-K. Bouras; J-B. Faure; N. Buil
23107 A Method for Estimating the Total Organic Carbon Transport in World Rivers
Chuan Liang; Yongming Shen
23108 A Model for Longitudinal Dispersion in Channels with Pools and Riffles
Eric M. Valentine; Zulfiqar Ali; David C. Swailes
23109 A Numerical and Experimental Study on Turbulent Flow and Heat Transferin Coastal Water
Ping Zeng; Huiquan Chen; Baichuan Ao; Ping Ji
23110 A Proposed Fishway to Facilitate the Upstream and Downstream Migration of Freshwater Shrimps and Crabs
Youichi Yasuda; Iwao Ohtsu; Tatsuo Hamano; Yasuhiko Miya
23111 A Single Fluid Transport Model for Computation of Stratified Immicible Liquid-Liquid Flows
Ismail B. Celik; Allen E. Badeau Jr.; Andrew Burt; Sherif Kandi
23112 A Study of Environmental Remediation Options for Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Angelos N. Findikakis; J. Rg Imberger; Ian Sehested Hansen; Luis A. Delgado; Reinaldo Garcia-Martinez; Erich Gundlach

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