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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24612 Direct Shear Stress Measurements in Open Surface Flows
E. Carvalho; R. Maia; M. F. Proenca
24613 Investigation into the Joint Dependence Between Extreme Rainfall and Storm Surge in the Coastal Zone
S. Westra
24614 A Comparison of Methods to Generate Spatiotemporal Climate Data for Catchment Scale Rainfall Runoff Models
A. L. Weeks; K. M. Barlow; B. Christy
24615 Investigation of the Use of PEST to Optimise a Source Catchments Model of Streamflow in the Ovens River, Australia
K. M. Barlow; A. Weeks; F. Githui
24616 An Assessment of Potential Operational Benefits of Short-Term Stream Flow Forecasting in the Broken Catchment, Victoria
B. A. George; R. Adams; D. Ryu; A. W. Western; P. Simon; B. Nawarathna
24617 Penrith Lakes Development – Verification of a 2D Model with a Physical Model
R. S. D. Thomson; M. W. Zollinger; L. R. Evans; B. C. Phillips
24618 Modelling High Resolution Discharge Dynamics Nearby Road Structure, Using Data from Small Catchment and 3 Different Models
Zahra Kalantari; Per-Erik Jansson; Mona Sassner; Jannes Stolte
24619 Field Evaluation of a Pool Sustainability Predictor in Gravel Bed Rivers
S. Parkinson; D. Caamano; P. Goodwin; R. Benjankar
24620 Revisiting the Design Flood Problem
Je Ball; Mk Babister; Me Retallick
24621 Dam Breaks of Viscoplastic Material on an Inclined Plane
S. Cochard; C. Ancey

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