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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24622 On the Coincidence of Extreme Rainfall Bursts with Duration
M. Leonard; J. Ball; M. Lambert
24623 Attractor States for Estuary Morphology from Time-Scaled Equations
Y. Y. Jia; J. B. Hinwood
24624 Determining Resistance Coefficients for Ice-Covered Rivers from Observed Velocity Profiles
A. Hoque; S. S. Li
24625 3D Numerical Modelling of Sediment Deposition and Flushing in the Angostura Reservoir, Costa Rica
S. Haun; L. E. Hoven; N. R. B. Olsen; C. R. Rodriguez Meza; L. Lizano
24626 Effect of Interpolation Technique on Numerical Accuracy and Computational Cost
M. Moradi Larmaei; T. F. Mahdi
24627 Simulation on the Water Transporting Process in Zoige Wetland SPAC System and Its Eco-Hydrological Effect
Yan Wang; Guodong Liu; Hongliang Hu
24628 Bubble Clustering in a Large-Size Dropshaft. Comparative Analysis of Different Cluster Criteria
C. Gualtieri; H. Chanson
24629 Effect of Pre-Aerated Approach Flow on Deflector-Generated Jets
M. Pfister; J. Lucas; W. H. Hager
24630 Physical Modeling of the Impacts of Construction of Dongting Lake Railway Bridge on the River Regime and Riverbed Development
Y. H. Zhu; H. Zhang; L. H. Gu; F. Z. Li; Y. Feng
24631 Coastal Reservoirs--a Possible Strategy in Diversifying Water Supplies and Its Case Study in Australia
Shu-Qing Yang

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