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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24662 Development of Large Scale Vortex Around T-Type and L-Type Groynes
A. Kadota; K. Suzuki
24663 Impact of Grain Size Distribution on Bed Topography Around a Groyne
H. Zhang; H. Mizutani; H. Nakagawa
24664 Modeling of Steady State Source Term Dominated Saint-Venant Equations with Shock Capturing Numerical Schemes
M. M. Ali; P. Steffler
24665 Flow Resistance and Momentum Transport in Open Channel with Longitudinaly Discontinuous Vegetation
T. Tanaka; T. Ohmoto
24666 Boulder Transport by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Numerical Assessment of Field Observations at Lhok Nga Bay, Sumatra, Indonesia
N. A. K. Nandasena; Norio Tanaka; Raphael Paris
24667 Distribution Evaluation and Optical Allocation Modes of Sediment Resources in Irrigation System of the Lower Yellow River
Yan-Gui Wang; Lin Qi
24668 Reservoir Capacity-Potential Power Generation-Reliability Estimation Based on Gould-Dincer Approach
Jinming Xie; George W. Annandale; Baosheng Wu
24669 Non-Intrusive Measuring of Air-Water Flow Properties in Self-Aerated Stepped Spillway Flow
D. B. Bung
24670 Estimation of Rainfall Intensity by Using X-Band Polarimetric Radar with Raindrop Falling Trajectory
K. Hasegawa; S. Suzuki; S. Oishi; T. Sano; K. Sunada
24671 Inundation Simulation Model with Local Grid Refinement
M. H. Hsu; C. J. Huang; A. S. Chen; Y. T. Chou

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