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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24672 Optical Visualization of Spatial Dike Breach Profiles Due to Overtopping Erosion
L. Schmocker; W. H. Hager
24673 Monitoring of Steel-Lined Pressure Shafts Using Water-Hammer Records and Wavelet Filtering and Decomposition
F. H. Hachem; A. J. Schleiss
24674 Assessment of Surface Water Quality in Peel Harvey Region, Western Australia
A. H. M. F. Anwar; M. Wong
24675 Influence of Immobile Boulders on Bedload Transport in a Steep Flume
T. Ghilardi; A. J. Schleiss
24676 Dealing with Dry Zones in Free Surface Flows: A New Class of Advection Schemes
J. -M. Hervouet; E. Razafindrakoto; C. Villaret
24677 Experimental Study on Effects of Soil Pipe on Hillslope Water Dynamics and Slope Failure
R. H. Sharma; H. Konietzky
24678 A Comparative Study of Capacity and Non-Capacity Models for Bed Load Sediment Transport by Unsteady Flows
Zhijing Li; Zhixian Cao; Gareth Pender; Peng Hu
24679 River Water Quality Response to Climate Change
S. Rehana; P. P. Mujumdar
24680 The Decision Support Tool MINDS for Flood Management in the Upper Rhone River
Javier Garcia Hernandez; Anton J. Schleiss; Jean-Louis Boillat
24681 Canal Controller for the Largest Water Transfer Project in China
Wei Cui; Wenxue Chen; Xiangpeng Mu; Xiaochen Guo; Qi Wang

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