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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25273 Design and Optimization Program for Internal Diffuser Hydraulics
T. Bleninger; G. H. Jirka; G. Lipari
25274 Preliminary Characterization of Submarine Outfalls in Operation at Sao Paulo State Coast, Southeastern Brazil
E. Arasaki; J. P. Ortiz; C. C. Lamparelli; J. E. Bevilacqua; H. J. And Bressan
25275 Long Underwater Effluent Discharge Pipelines Experience Gained from the Thessaloniki Outfall
K. S. Spyropoulos; E. G. Andrianis
25276 Sea Water Supply Conditions of Nuclear Power Plant
A. N. Militeev; A. M. Proudovsky; V. B. Rodionov
25277 Influence of a Detached Structure on Sediment Transport in the Coastal Zone
A. Militeev; A. M. Proudovsky; V. V. Rodionov
25278 The Use of Doppler Methods for Measuring Velocity and Discharge in Streams LESs Than 1.5 M Depth
C. J. Ward; L. Pimble
25279 Online Discharge Measurements in Large Rivers
K. Dypvik; A. Lohrmann
25280 Yangtze River aDcp Discharge Measurement Using Multiple External Sensor Inputs
R. Marsden; C. Songshen; Y. Dexu; W. Jinchun; H. Huang
25281 Combining aDcp with External Sensors
J. H. Aardoom
25282 Site Specificity of Bedload Measurement Using an aDcp
C. D. Rennie; P. V. Villard

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