Course: Numerical Simulation of Groundwater

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About This Course

Groundwater is one of the main water sources for human life, industry and agriculture -- in northern China, 65 percent of domestic water comes from groundwater. Among the 657 cities in China, more than 400 use groundwater as the main water supply  source. During the past several decades, computer simulation models for analyzing flow and solute transport in groundwater systems have played an increasing role in the evaluation approaches to groundwater development and management. In this course, Professor Shu Longcang will show you the fundamental and cutting-edge issues in numerical simulation of groundwater, as well as a plenty of research cases. The Numerical Simulation of Groundwater course including the introduction of groundwater numerical simulation, equations and numerical methods, the conceptual model, boundary conditions, sources and sinks, calibration and application process, brief introduction of Visual Modflow and 4 lectures of case study. Through the study of this course, you will be able to understand the basic knowledge of groundwater numrcial simulation and aquire the broad prospects of theoretical research and practical application of groundwater science.

About Prof. Longcang Shu

Prof. Shu Longcang (束龙仓) is professor of Hydrogeology from Hohai University. His study focused on groundwater exploitation and risk analysis, interaction between groundwater and surface water, groundwater dynamics of fissures water and karstic water, interaction between groundwater and eco-environments. He gives some lectures, such as Higher Groundwater Dynamics for Doctor’s degree candidates, Numerical Simulation of Groundwater for Master’s degree candidates, and Groundwater Hydrology for Bachelor degree candidates. Over 80 scientific research projects founded by the Nation and some ministries were finished. Over 250 papers and 16 books (such as Groundwater Resources Management, Groundwater Resources Exploitation at Early Stage of 21 Century in China, Groundwater Protection, Groundwater Reservoir Construction, Methods and its Applications of Groundwater Dynamics Prediction, Groundwater Hydrology and so on) were published.

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