IAHR Online Short Course | Perspectives on Two-phase Flows in Urban Water Systems

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This course is organised by the IAHR Working Group on Transient Flows in collaboration with the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI-ASCE). The course sessions are structured to follow the chapters of a monograph on air-water interaction in Urban Water System that is undergoing development by the working group members of EWRI and the IAHR Technical Committee on Hydraulic Structures.

The course presents various practical contexts of hydraulic systems and structures that are present in the urban environment that are characterised by interactions between air and water phases.

The course starts from the theoretical foundations of unsteady and two-phase flows, presenting some key case studies that illustrate various adverse air-water interactions in urban water systems. The subsequent discussion on two-phase flow phenomena is grouped according to the flowing mode in urban water systems, starting with air-water interactions observed in pressurized systems. Then, the adverse air-water interactions in gravity-based systems are explored. The course completes with a discussion on selected mitigation strategies that can be used to improve operational conditions in urban water systems impacted by adverse air-water interactions.

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