IAHR Webinar on Climate - Resilient Coastal Cities: A Holistic approach to Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Environmental Conservation

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On May 10, 2024, IAHR and IIT Madras co-hosted the Webinar on Climate-Resilient Coastal Cities: A Holistic Approach to Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Conservation, bringing together experts to discuss innovative strategies for enhancing urban resilience to climate change. The event featured presentations from Prof. Jurgen Stamm, Dr. Jing He, and Dr. V. Thiruppugazh, with Prof. Vallam Sundar and Prof. Sannasiraj S. A. serving as chairs and Dr. N. Hari Ram as the moderator. The webinar fostered engaging discussions on the integration of digital technologies, resilient building practices, and comprehensive flood mitigation strategies. The event underscored the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement in addressing the complex challenges posed by climate change.

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