River Basin Development Online Seminars

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These online seminars are organized on behalf of the River Basin Development chair group, within the Water Resources and Ecosystems department, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Our research focuses on the balance of key elements of a river basin such as water and sediment, which implies the interaction of these with climate, geomorphology, the biosphere and human made constructions. The equilibrium (or availability); the excess and the scarcity of these natural elements are decisive for the safety of society, access to food, energy production and the environment. The River Basin Development chair group investigates processes in the natural and built environment which are determinant for the design and planning of sustainable water infrastructures prepared for global change.

In these seminars, we welcome some of our international peers. These well-renowned experts present their pioneering research activities, which can be usually framed within the scope of our degrees, but expand beyond what can be commonly taught in a classroom.

These seminars are sponsored by IAHR and the seminar topics fall well within the activities of different technical committees.

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