IAHR 85th Anniversary Summit

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IAHR organized its 85th Anniversary Summit during December 14-17, 2020 both online and offline in Beijing, China (sponsored by China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research), and it is not a simple celebration, but a high-profile global academic event that has 14 technical sessions, General Members Assembly, online exhibition, and a lot more. With 3 key themes of Ecohydraulics, Artificial Intelligence and Water, and Water Security in Africa, the summit also touches a variety topics on Nature-Based Solutions, climate change, coastal resilience, flood risk modelling, practice-regulation-investment, paper writing, etc. More than 85 experts and researchers have been invited to give lectures and reports, including fellows, academicians, Stockholm Water Prize laureates, ministers, and many more world-renown and prestigious professors.

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The first 3 videos in this collection are actually edited clips from all the videos our respected members have sent us in congratulating the 85th Anniversary of IAHR. The original uncut videos can be found in another video collection named "Say Happy Birthday to IAHR".

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