Course: Ecological Theory and Technology

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Ecological Restoration Theory and Technology

With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of industrialization, many ecological environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, have emerged and thus bring negative effects to human daily life. In order to settle these problems and keep the ecological environment healthy, the Chinese government has attached great importance to ecological civilization construction since the 18th Party Congress. Consequently, high requirements for ecological and environmental governance have been put forward. Ecological restoration theory and technology has therefore become an important field of Environmental Engineering, calling for relevant curriculum teaching and talent training.

Existing courses and corresponding textbooks regarding the field of ecological environment have mainly focused on environmental pollution control, while ecological restoration has been largely neglected. This course, namely ecological restoration theory and technology, focuses mainly on significant theory and technology of ecological restoration, providing useful information for teaching or cultivating talents in ecological environmental restoration. We pay attention to the English expression of ecological restoration knowledge, providing a good opportunity for students to improve both expertise and English proficiency. In addition, we have integrated ideological and political education into the curriculum teaching, so that students can correctly understand the urgency and necessity of Chinese ecological environment protection.

Importantly, we have highlighted ecological restoration of basin water environment in the course by combining the characteristics of Hohai University in the field of water environment. In particular, typical ecological restoration cases, such as the case of Meiliang Bay in Taihu Lake, have been introduced to strengthen students’ understanding of abstract concepts and raise their studying interests. Through learning this textbook and corresponding course, various abilities, including professional, practical, innovation and English abilities, of students can be greatly improved.


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