Fluid Mechanics of Hydro-Environment: Focus for the Next Decade - 1st IAHR Online Forum

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The IAHR Technical Committee on Fluid Mechanics warmly invites researchers and engineers working in fluid mechanics and hydraulics area to our webinar Fluid mechanics of hydro-environment: focus for the next decade, which is associated with the 1st IAHR Online Forum. 

The focus of the event is on the challenges that fluid mechanics and hydraulic professionals face and must address in the next decade. The webinar includes four keynotes, starting with an outline of key directions in fluid mechanics and hydraulics research that underpins solutions of a wide spectrum of current and emergent hydro-environment problems. This starting keynote talk will be given by our distinguished colleague Professor Joseph Hun-Wei Lee, the President of IAHR, who has immensely contributed to the advancement of hydro-environment research. He will be joined by three other world’s leading experts who will discuss burgeoning topics such as turbulence of wall-bounded flows (Professor Ivan Marusic), fluid mechanics of disease transmission (Professor Rajat Mittal), and simulation and predictive tools for fundamental studies of hydro-environment and solving practical problems (Professor Fotis Sotiropoulos). Of course, overarching challenges are not limited to these topics, and our Committee plans to continue online topical webinars featuring world-leading experts who will share their wisdom and vision for shaping future research.

Fluid Mechanics of Hydro-Environment: Focus for the Next Decade

12:00 UTC/GMT

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