Ecohydraulics Introduction and Interviews

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The IAHR Ecohydraulics committee has a Youtube channel that accommodates a collection of videos interviewing Ecohydraulics scientists from all over the world by Gregory Pasternack, past chair of the IAHR Technical Committee on Ecohydraulics, on questions such as: How are you first introduced to the idea of Ecohydraulics? What are the Ecohydraulics projects you are working on right now? Looking to the future, what Ecohydraulics topics will the future generation be better positioned to address?

The idea is to engage and learn about each other and grow as a community by offering an opportunity to see what the Ecohydraulics experts are up to, what are the ideas they have, what do they think of the past, present and future of this multidisciplinary topic.

These videos have been transferring from the channel to the IAHR Video Library to better spread expert views and insights. More will be added when new videos come to the channel.

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