FFP3: Seminar on Monitoring, Forecasting and Warning of Extreme Rainfall

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Since 21st century, due to the climate change impacts, the extreme rainfall event becomes more frequently, which leads big challenges in flash flood prevention and control and important influences on social and economic development. The general monitoring and forecast technologies which often be used in catchment-scaled area are no more applicable for the extreme rainfall event which characterized with short duration, high intensity, strong suddenness and relatively small affected area. How to implement the effective monitoring and forecast measures on the extreme rainfall event has become a worldwide question. To address this issue, many countries have carried out relative researches with lots of human and material investment. Nowadays, the progress of remote sensing and radar technology brings a new idea on extreme rainfall monitoring and forecast.

In order to further discuss and explore new technologies and methods in the field of extreme rainfall monitoring, forecasting and early warning, the Flash Flood Program (FFP) jointly launched by IWHR and the UCA is planning to hold a webinar aiming to provide new approaches and to share global experience on flash flood prevention and control in different countries.

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