FFP4: Seminar on New solutions for estimating flash flood discharges

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Since 21st century, due to the climate change impacts, the extreme rainfall event becomes more frequently, which leads big challenges in flash flood prevention and control and important influences on social and economic development. The characteristics of the flash flood events request to adapt and to develop specific solutions for assessing the magnitude of the processes and specially to quantify discharges and the associated velocities. The classical approaches used in hydrometry are not fully operational for these intense events that are frequently located outside of the riverbed and combining sediments and debris flows. To address this challenge, various recent approaches have mobilized innovative technical solutions such as video for assessing velocities in various conditions. These innovations are gradually integrated within the monitoring networks and could provide a useful information to the stakeholders involved in flash floods management and mitigation. In order to further discuss and explore new technologies and methods in the field of estimation of extreme discharges, the Flash Flood Program (FFP) jointly launched by IWHR and the UCA is planning to hold a webinar aiming to provide an overview on the newly developed approaches and to share global experience on flash flood monitoring in different countries.

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