Course: Environmental Impact Assessment

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This course is proudly presented by Hohai University and IAHR-Hohai Co-Committee on Higher Education and E-learning, with 4 senior professors lecturing on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The course aims to empower the learners the ability to:

  1. deal with complex technical problems of environmental protection;

  2. engage in research or development projects in engineering companies or academic institutions; and

  3. understand the policies, laws and regulations of EIA in China and the differences in other countries.

Through the study of this course, the learners are expected to understand the concept, basic theory and working procedures of EIA, master the methods and technologies of EIA, especially the methods of atmospheric, surface water and noise environmental impact assessment. Additionally, it can help the learners gain the ability to evaluate the environmental impact (including positive or negative impact) of a plan, policy or project, and put forward countermeasures to prevent or mitigate the adverse environmental impact before starting a real project, etc.

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