40th IAHR World Congress

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40th IAHR World Congress "Rivers - connecting mountains and coasts"

21-25 August 2023. Vienna, Austria

Under the overall theme Rivers - Connecting Mountains and Coasts, the 40th IAHR World Congress will focus on the importance of rivers being the lifeline of human civilization. Currently, a great number of rivers worldwide are in a state of degradation, mostly due to human interference.

Rivers - Connecting Mountains and Coasts highlights IAHR’s commitment to the importance of rivers providing safe drinking water, being a source of energy production, acting as lifelines for navigation, and providing ecosystems with habitats for a plethora of terrestrial and aquatic species. Further, rivers are strongly linked to other components of the hydrological cycle (e.g. groundwater) within the catchment or coastal waters in delta regions. Therefore, we want our rivers to be free from pollution and be characterized by a continuum from upstream to downstream and vice versa. But most of these criteria are not met at the moment and what will the future look like? Answering this question should be paramount to our profession and therefore this congress will deal with these issues.

The 40th IAHR World Congress provides an excellent opportunity to showcase and get involved in the development of innovative approaches and solutions to water challenges. Join us and contribute with your insights and experiences!

Being situated at the Danube River, Vienna is one of the major connecting points in Europe bringing together East and West, South and North. Experience the safety and hospitality of the city, as well as the rich cultural heritage which comes alive at every corner of the town!

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