Online School on Lateral Cavity

Lateral Cavity Facebook-Linkedin-Twitter-1200x630px.pngOnline School on Lateral Cavity
Hybrid and multi Lab study of the flow patterns in a Lateral Cavity

February - March 2024

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This online course is organised by an IAHR cross committees action group – Committees on Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Methods and Instrumentation and Fluvial Hydraulics.

This is an opportunity to join a team dedicated to enhance knowledge on open-channel fluid mechanics, use of advanced tools, instrumentation and numerical modelling, and analysing results in depth

Interested participants should fill in the following registration form including a short paragraph explaining their interest in the online school and their option (1, 2 or 3), and upload a 1 page CV.

Applications have to be sent before 5 January 2024 and candidates will be selected by 15 January 2024.


Learn or improve PIV and/or Numerical simulations within OpenFOAM® 



6 weeks – February + March 2024


Free of charge


  • Option 1. The participant only participates to the PIV experimental sessions

  • Option 2. The participant only participates to the numerical simulation sessions using OpenFOAM®

  • Option 3. The participant participates to both PIV & OpenFOAM® sessions


  • Introduction + Fluid mechanics (Mandatory - 6th February

  • Experimental modelling and introduction to PIV (Options 1 & 3 - 6th, 9th, 16th, 23th February)

  • Numerical simulation using OpenFOAM® (Options 2 & 3 - 27th February, 1st, 8th ,12th March)

  • Closure with experimental/numerical comparisons (Mandatory - 15th March)

Theoretical and laboratory studies

  • Literature about lateral cavity/Fluid mechanics

  • Reproduce a flow configuration in a lab 

  • Prepare an experimental installation

  • From the raw data to advanced analysis 

Numerical simulations

  • Mathematical modelling and introduction to the OpenFOAM® platform, solvers and processing 

  • Application to lateral cavity of mean and turbulent flow – from mean to RANS / DES-LES

  • How different models can be/have been used for such flows

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Figure: Engelen, L., Perrot-Minot, C., Mignot, E., Rivière, N., & De Mulder, T. (2021). Lagrangian study of the particle transport past a lateral, open-channel cavity. Physics of Fluids, 33(1), 013303.

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