2021 Council Elections: Nominate your candidates

The process  Nomination by petition  Candidates

IAHR members are encouraged to contact the nominating committee to submit their nominations. The nominating committee collects proposals from individual and institutional members, conducts candidate searches, and evaluates the performance of current council members in view of their possible re-election.

 Nominating Committee for the 2021 Council Elections

In accordance with the IAHR by-laws, in 2020 the Council appointed a Nominating Committee composed of nine active members from different countries including a Chair, as follows: Peter Goodwin (USA), Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva (Canada), Kyung Soo Jun (Korea), Julio Kuroiwa (Peru), Silvia Meniconi (Italy), Hongwu Tang (China), Farhad Yazdandoost (Iran), José María Grassa (Spain), and Rita F. Carvalho (Portugal).

 The process

Members of the Association are encouraged to contact the Secretariat with respect to nominees for the position of Vice-President and President (refer to Article 5). The nominating committee collects proposals from individual and institution members, searches itself for candidates, and evaluates the performance of present Council members with a view to Vice-Presidents being possibly re-elected to a second term or as a candidate for President. 

The Nominating Committee completes its work at an appropriate meeting to enable publication of its slate of candidates at least four months before the Congress. It proposes up to three candidates per vacant position. IAHR is committed to diversity and inclusivity and the NC shall ensure a balanced slate of candidates representative of the gender and geographic distribution of the membership.  

The candidates are notified and requested to supply a resume including their professional career, their involvement in IAHR, and a statement on their planned contribution as Executive Committee members. 

 Nomination by petition

IAHR members may also propose candidates through the Secretariat, and independently of the nominating committee, using “nomination by petition" for the election of the Vice-Presidents or President. Nominations may be submitted by petition for at least two months after publication of the nominating committee slate of candidates. A valid petition requires the signatures of 15 members from at least five countries or a group of countries representing 10% of the IAHR membership.

 Slate of candidates and ballot

At least two months before (in May 2021) the IAHR World Congress - which has excepcionally been postponed to 2022 and instead this year we will be holding the first IAHR Online Forum -, a complete list of candidates comprising the nominating committee slate for the Executive Committee positions, including both those proposed by the nominating committee as well as those submitted by valid petition, is published and is subjected to a vote through electronic ballot. 

Ballots shall include the possibility of a write-in candidate for all positions.

 New constitution and by-laws

The new constitution and by-laws (voted at the 2019 General Members Assembly in Panama) will become effective during the next General Members Assembly in 7July 2021. This means that the new Council will be composed of a President, 3 Vice-Presidents, the Chairs of the Regional Divisions, the Chairs of the Technical Committees, the Journal Editors and regional representatives of the current 47 YPNs. 

As the 2021 World Congress has been postponed to 2022, the council elections results will be announced during the 2021 General Members Assembly which shall take place on 7 July during the inaugural online forum that IAHR is organising for 5-7 July 2021.

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