IAHR contributions to COP27

Dive in to a selection of climate change-focused IAHR resources free of charge on the occasion of Water Day at COP27.


Water and the effects of the climate crisis on water is the focus at COP27 this Monday 14 November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. On this occasion, IAHR contributes with a selection of climate change-focused resources free of charge.  

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IAHR Global Online Dialogue on Net Zero and Water: National Approaches and Solutions IAHR Global Online Dialogue on Net Zero and Water: National Approaches and Solutions

Friday, 25 November 2022 

Climate change is driving innovation, research and reform at all levels in the water sector as public authorities, companies, research and experts all seek adaptation pathways and improve resilience. Higher frequencies of and intensities of extreme events such as floods and droughts are being observed around the world.  In order to attenuate these impacts and keep alive the global ambition of “less than 2 degrees warming”, reductions in Green House Gases (GHG’s) must be sought from all contributing sectors. With some initial estimates placing water use, distribution, storage and treatment as a significant contributor to GHG’s - mitigation is rapidly emerging an essential solution pathway within the water sector. This is particularly pertinent in the areas of water related renewables, efficiencies in the water-energy nexus, and carbon emissions/storage in water related environments. 

This online event brings together leaders and experts to provide insight into the strategies and approaches of their countries to reach net zero goals. The “dialogue” will compare national approaches as well as discuss knowledge gaps, opportunities and ways forward. Join the dialogue to discover more about how different countries are approaching their net zero commitments, and the role of the water sector in contributing to these aims. The dialogue also seeks to provide insight into how you or your organisation’s work in water can contribute to global mitigation efforts.

IAHR Webinar on Changes in the Cryosphere and the Impact on EngineeringIAHR Webinar on Changes in the Cryosphere and the Impact on Engineering

Friday, 2 December 2022 

Ice phenomena on fresh and sea waters responds sensitively to climate changes. The impact is primarily due to the globally observed rise of the average air temperature and the intensification of the variability of weather phenomena. As a result of these factors, the ice season is shorter and the ice formed on sea and inland waters becoming thinner and weaker. Additionally, for sea waters, there is a reduction in the areal extent of ice occurrence, and thinning of perennial ice. In consequence the short-term economic benefits may be achieved, but it will also bring the significant impact on Arctic ecosystem and coastal erosion. At the same time, due to the occurrence of higher variability of extreme weather conditions, the severity ice related events are not reduced and has become less predictable. For the rivers, breakups occurring in typically core winter months, results in life-threatening conditions and property damages. 

Experts on climate change and ice engineering will share their research findings at this event jointly organized by the IAHR Technical Committee on Climate Change Adaptation and the IAHR Technical Committee on Ice Research and Engineering.   

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Hydrolink issue on climate changeHydrolink issue on climate change

Every day there are stories in the news directly or indirectly related to climate change. Even though it is not possible to attribute specific extreme events solely to climate change, their increasing frequency and intensity suggest a trend in several meteorological and hydrological variables which is becoming evident even to the most ardent climate change sceptics. Recent examples are the devasting flooding in Pakistan and the catastrophic impact of hurricane Ian in Florida.  

The current issue of Hydrolink includes several articles on different aspects of the work of the hydro-environment community on climate change issues. 

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