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Application of SPH Method in Large Eddy Simulation of High-Speed Free-Surface Flow 2019
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Loads on Offshore Truss Structure Using Large Eddy Simulation Method 2019
Characteristics of Flow and Bedform in a River Reach with Cobble BAR Vegetation and Its Refugia 2018
Hydrodynamic Effects on Refugia of Cobble-Bar Vegetation Established Along River Bend 2015
Large Eddy Simulation Method for Flood Flow with Large Movement of Free Surface and Wetting Front 2015
Scour depths near coastal structures due to the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami 2012
Calculation of Turbulent Open Channel Flow by Particle Method 2011
Evaluation of Vortex-Suppressing Devices Installed in Intake Channel of Hydropower Facility Using LES 2011
Large Eddy Simulation of Contaminant Dispersion in a Boundary Layer 2011
Large eddy simulation of vortex flow in intake channel of hydropower facility 2010
On Simulation of Smoothed Turbulent Free Surface Flows by Filtering 2009
URANS and LES Calculation of Open-Channel Flow with Unsteady Hydraulic Jump 2009
Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex Flow in Intake Channel of Hydropower Facility 2007
Mixing of a Contaminant-Laden Freshwater Plume Across Osaka Bay' S Tidal Front Near the Akashi Strait, Japan 2005
Computation of Open-Channel Flows with Large Variation of the Free Surface by a Reynolds Average-Equation Method 2003
Velocity-Gradient Tensor and Local Topology of Three-Dimensional Flows in Intake Bay 2001
Modeling Free-Surface Fluctuation Effects for Turbulent Open-Channel Flows 1999

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