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IAHR Council Editor 2021-07-07 Now
Asia and Pacific Division Member 2019-01-01 Now
JHER Editorial Editor 2018-01-01 Now
JOE Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2017-01-01 2018-01-20
Committee on Ecohydraulics Member 2016-02-01 2023-03-02

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Application of the Building Block Approach to Generating a Natural Flow Regime in a Regulated River 2022
Computations of the Flows over the Weir Changing from the Submerged to Surface Flows 2020
Undisturbed Fluid Flow for Improved Macroscopic Estimation of Drag Forces Acting on Circular Cylinders 2020
Large Eddy Simulations of Flows over a Submerged Weir 2019
Physical Habitat Simulation for Macroinvertebrate Community Based on Habitat Orientation Groups 2018
Computation of Morphological Change in a Channel Bend With Non-Uniform Curvature Using the 2D Shallow Water Equations 2017
Impact of Inner-Bank Vegetation on the Mean Flow and Turbulence Statistics in a Curved Channel 2017
Validation of ADCP Flow Measurements in Open-Channel Flows 2016
A Quasi-Two-Dimensional Method for Reservoir Sedimentation 2013
Computations of Turbulent Flow and Transport in Vegetated Open-Channel Using Reynolds Stress Model 2013
Impact of Secondary Flow on Depth-Averaged Flow Velocity in Vegetated Open Channels 2013
Prediction of Total Sediment Load in the River Using the Lateral Distribution Method 2013
Impact of Floodplain Vegetation on Morphological Process in the Straight Compound Open-Channel: A Numerical Study 2011
A two-layer approach for depth-limited open-channel flows with submerged vegetation 2010
Depth-Averaged Modeling of Flow and Bed Elevation Change in a Curved Channel with Dispersion Stress Terms 2010
Lateral Distribution of Unit Discharge in a Compound Channel with Vegetation on the Floodplain 2010
Impact of stem flexibility on mean flow and turbulence structure in depth-limited open channel flows with submerged vegetation 2009
Laboratory Experiments for 3D Characteristics of Depth-Limited Open-Channel Flows with Submerged Vegetation 2009
Solute Transport in Open-Channel Flows with Submerged Vegetation 2009
Lateral Inhomogeneity of Open-Channel Flow over Submerged Vegetation 2007
Numerical simulations of cellular secondary currents and suspended sediment transport in open-channel flows over smooth-rough bed strips 2007
Turbulence Modeling of Solute Transport in Open-Channel Flows 2007
Numerical investigations of mean flow and turbulence structures of partly-vegetated open-channel flows using the Reynolds stress model 2006
CFD Modeling Vegetated Channel Flows: The State of the Art Review 2005
Investigation of Impact of Secondary Flows in Turbulent Open-Channel Flows Using DNS Data 2005
Numerical Simulation of Open-Channel Flows over Smooth-Rough Bed Strips 2005
Reynolds stress modeling of vegetated open-channel flows 2004
Fully Coupled Modeling of Flow and Bed Evolution Using Finite Element Method 2003
Reynolds Stress Modeling of Vegetated Open-Channel Flows 2001
Spreading Law for Sediment-Laden Gravity Currents 1999

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