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Henry Bazin and His Weir Flow Research 2023
Correspondence Between de Saint-Venant and Boussinesq 2022
Famous women in hydraulics: Margaret Sara Petersen 2022
Famous women in hydraulics: Olga Ladyzhenskaya 2022
Apparent cohesion effects on overtopping-induced fluvial dike breaching 2021
Irmgard Flugge-Lotz: Famous women in fluid mechanics 2021
Fluvial Dike Breaching Induced by Overtopping: Lessons from Experimental and Numerical Studies 2019
On the Undular Hydraulic Jump and the Undular Surge 2019
An experimental investigation on louvres and angled bar racks 2018
Bed-Load Transport: From the Beginning into the Future 2018
Depth-averaged modelling of granular dike overtopping 2018
Tsunamis generated by fast granular landslides: 3D experiments and empirical predictors By Francesco Bregoli, Allen Bateman and Vicente Medina 2018
Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects 2017
Ogee Weir Crest Definition: Historical Advance 2017
Solitary wave overtopping at granular dams 2017
Solitary wave run-up: wave breaking and bore propagation 2017
Alexandre Preissmann: his scheme and his career 2015
Analytical and Numerical Boundary Layer Solutions at Weir Crest Control Section 2015
Depth-averaged model for undular hydraulic jump 2015
Impulse Wave Modelling and Corresponding Underwater Landslide Deposition 2015
Labyrinth Weirs: Developments Until 1985 2015
Spatial Dike Breach: Sediment Surface Topography Using Photogrammetry 2015
Spillway Jet: Historical Advance from Weir Toward Standard Spillway 2015
Videometric Water Surface Tracking: Towards Investigating Spatial Impulse Waves 2015
Hydraulic structures: a positive outlook into the future 2014
Overtopping dike-breach: effect of grain size distribution 2014
Trajectories and air flow features of ski jump-generated jets 2014
Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes 2013
Solitary Impulse Wave Run-Up Characteristics 2013
Stepped Spillways: Technical Advance from 1900 2013
Historical Development of Side-Channel Spillway in Hydraulic Engineering 2011
1D numerical evaluation of dike erosion due to overtopping 2010
Choking Features of Drop Manholes in Sewer Systems 2010
Air Concentration Characteristics of Drop-and Deflector-Generated Jets 2009
Dike Breaching Due to Overtopping 2009
Energy Loss in Circular Drop Manholes 2009
Historical Advance of Chute Aerators 2009
Hydraulics of Alluvial Dunes-Preliminary Results 2009
Johann Nikuradse – Hydraulic experimenter 2008
Air Transport Downstream of Chute Aerators 2007
Circular Drop Manholes Preliminary Experimental Results 2007
Flow Features in Plunge Pools 2007
Hydraulics of Ski Jumps 2007
Scour Processes at Spurs: Phenomenology and Countermeasures 2007
Step Aerator and Spray Reduction for Stepped Chutes 2007
Additional Results on Scour at Bridge Piers 2005
Circular Bridge Piers and Riprap Design 2005
Effect of Flood Waves on Bridge Pier Scour 2005
Historical Development of Pier Scour Hydraulics 2005
Spatial and Temporal Scour Features of Circular Bridge Piers 2005
Spurs in River Engineering-a Preliminary Study 2005
Henry Darcy's 200~(Th) Birthday 2003
Hydraulic Design of Bottom Rack Intakes 2003
Local Scour at a Partly-Full Flow Culvert Outlet 2003
Clear-Water Pier and Abutment Scour 2001
Hydraulic Features of Supercritical Bend Flow 2001
Simplified Shields Condition for Sediment Transport Inception 2001
Supercritical Junction Flow in Sewer Manholes 2001
Bend Flow in Bottom Outlets 1999
Positive Front of Dambreak Wave on Rough Bottom 1999
Sideweir for Combined Sewers 1999
Building Scour in Floodplains 1997
Positive Front of Dambreak Wave 1997
Ritter's Dambreak Wave Revisited 1997
Expandin G USBR Stilling Basin Ⅲ 1995
Supercritical Flow in Horizontal Bend 1995

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Honorary Membership Award 2013
Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 1997

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