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1D numerical evaluation of dike erosion due to overtopping 2010
Aerated flow characteristics of skimming flow over stepped chutes 2013
Alexandre Preissmann: his scheme and his career 2015
An experimental investigation on louvres and angled bar racks 2018
Analytical and Numerical Boundary Layer Solutions at Weir Crest Control Section 2015
Bed-load transport: advances up to 1945 and outlook into the future 2018
Classical hydraulic jump: basic flow features 2009
Curved-streamline transitional flow from mild to steep slopes 2009
Deflector-generated jets 2009
Deflector-jets affected by pre-aerated approach flow 2012
Depth-averaged model for undular hydraulic jump 2015
Depth-averaged modelling of granular dike overtopping 2018
Drawdown curve and turbulent boundary layer development for chute flow 2010
Dyke overtopping: effects of shape and headwater elevation 2016
Erosion and sedimentation, second edition 2010
Fluvial Dike Breaching Induced by Overtopping: Lessons from Experimental and Numerical Studies 2019
Hydraulic design of Khafagi flumes 2010
Hydraulic structures: a positive outlook into the future 2014
Impact of sediment transport formulations on breaching modelling By S. VAN EMELEN, Y. ZECH and S. SOARES-FRAZÃO, J. Hydraulic Res. 53(1), 2015, 60–72 2016
Impulse Wave Modelling and Corresponding Underwater Landslide Deposition 2015
JHR editorial news 2011
Johann Nikuradse – Hydraulic experimenter 2008
Joseph Boussinesq and his theory of water flow in open channels 2011
Labyrinth Weirs: Developments Until 1985 2015
Moment of momentum equation for curvilinear free-surface flow 2010
Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects 2017
Observations on undular hydraulic jump in movable bed 2011
Ogee Weir Crest Definition: Historical Advance 2017
On the Undular Hydraulic Jump and the Undular Surge 2019
One-dimensional modelling of curvilinear free surface flow: generalized Matthew theory 2014
Overtopping dike-breach: effect of grain size distribution 2014
Scale effects of round-crested weir flow 2014
Solitary wave overtopping at granular dams 2017
Solitary wave run-up: wave breaking and bore propagation 2017
Spatial Dike Breach: Sediment Surface Topography Using Photogrammetry 2015
Spatially-varied open channel flow equations with vertical inertia 2011
Spillway Jet: Historical Advance from Weir Toward Standard Spillway 2015
Supercritical flow in circular conduit bends 2016
The Journal of Hydraulic Research 1963–2012: advances over the past 50 years 2012
Trajectories and air flow features of ski jump-generated jets 2014
Transitional flow at standard sluice gate 2014
Tsunamis generated by fast granular landslides: 3D experiments and empirical predictors By Francesco Bregoli, Allen Bateman and Vicente Medina 2018
Turbulent, discontinuous, open-channel flow: the contribution of Ralph Schröder 2012
Unsteady Boussinesq-type flow equations for gradually-eroded beds: application to dike breaches 2013
Velocity profile approximations for two-dimensional potential open channel flow 2013
Videometric Water Surface Tracking: Towards Investigating Spatial Impulse Waves 2015
Vorticity equation for the streamline and the velocity profile 2011
Wilfrid Noel Bond and the Bond number 2012
“Boussinesq- and Serre-type models with improved linear dispersion characteristics: applications” 2015

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Honorary Membership Award 2013
Arthur Thomas Ippen Award 1997

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