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IAHR Council Editor 2021-07-07 Now
JOE Editorial Board Editor 2021-01-01 Now
IAHR Council Co-opted 2020-04-24 2021-07-31
JHER Editorial Associate Editors 2018-01-01 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A New Method to Evaluate the Stress Intensity of Macrophytes 2023
The Tidal Water Characteristics and the Mangrove Forest Biodiversity 2023
Application of Foliar Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration as an Environmental Stress Indicator to Evaluate the Plant Species Distribution in the Riparian Zone 2022
Evaluation of the Habitat Preferences of Submerged Macrophytes Under Various Environmental Stresses: A Modeling Perspective 2022
International contributions in advancing ecohydraulics 2019
Long-term changes in riparian forest cover under a dam-induced flow scheme: the accompanying a numerical modelling perspective 2019
Riparian Vegetation Classification Using the Dynamic Riparian Vegetation Model 2019
Activities of Committee on Arakawa Tarouemon Nature Restoration Area 2018
Conditions of Establishment for the Salix Community at Dam Reservoir Ecotone (Lower Than Normal Water Levels Along a Dam Reservoir Shoreline) 2018
Development of Riparian Vegetation Fading Model for Vegetation and Habitats Management in River Channel 2018
Effect of Elevation from Normal Water Level Along the Riparian Vegetation: A Case Study Along the Hie River in Japan 2018
Effect of Light Intensity on Myriophyllum Spicatum 2018
Effects of Different Light Intensity on the Growth and Stress Responses of Paeudanabaena Galeata (Cyanobacteria) 2018
Egeria Densa Density v.s. Light Intensity: Photosynthetic Pigment Response 2018
Hydrogen Peroxide as an Indicator of Environmental Stress Intensity of Aquatic Macrophytes 2018
Impact of Fishways in the Miyanaka Intake Dam Area on Fish Diversity in the Shinano River, Japan 2018
Integrating the Stress Eco-Physiology into the Paradigm of Mangrove Rehabilitation 2018
Long Term Riparian Forest Evolution Under a Dam Induced Flow Scheme: Accompanying a Bid of Numerical Modeling Perspective 2018
Palaeohydraulic Parameters for Initiation Sediment Transport in Kaligandaki River, Nepal 2018
Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Vegetation Growth of Primary Succession Area of River Bank 2018
Study on Applicability of Horizontal Two-Dimensional River Bed Variation Analysis to Dynamic Model of Vegetation Colonization in Sediment Bars of a Regulated River 2018
The Dynamic Riparian Vegetation Model for Reproducing the Immobilization of Low Flow Channel and River Bed BAR 2018
The Difference in Riparian Vegetation Pattern Based on the Channel Characteristics and the Mechanism of Its Formation 2017
Use of ladderways in fragmented habitat to aid the movement of Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus) 2016
Seasonal Variation of Carbohydrates in Pueraria Montana as Affected by Soil Characteristics in a River Floodplain 2015
Dynamic Modeling of Soil Nitrogen Budget and Vegetation Colonization in Sediment Bars of a Regulated River 2013
The Most Effective Factors Responsible for Increase in the Vegetation Coverage of River Channels 2013
Growth Response of a Small Planktivorous Fish (Pseudorasbora Parva: Cyprinidae) Under Current Velocity Stress and Predation Risk 2005
A New Technique for Controlling Algal Blooms in the Reservoir Using Vertical Curtains 1997
Evaporation at the Surface of Permeable Pavement and Its Impacts on the Urban Thermal Environment 1997
Lake Phytoplankton Growth Rate Under Various Bubble Plume Operations 1995

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