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Committee Name Position Start Date End Date
JHER Editorial Advisory Editors 2018-01-01 Now
JOE Editorial Board Advisory Editors 2017-01-01 Now
JRBM Editorial Board Editorial Board member 2017-01-01 Now
IAHR Hydro-Environment Past Chair 2015-09-01 Now
China Chapter Member 2012-01-01 2018-01-01
IAHR Tsinghua University Young Professionals Network Student Advisor 2012-01-01 Now
IAHR Hydro-Environment Chair 2012-01-01 2015-09-01
IAHR Council Vice President 2011-01-20 2015-08-01

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
Meandering Cutoff Reshapes the Trophic Characteristics of Macroinvertebrates in the Upper Yellow River Basin 2022
Biodiversity and Bio-Community of Macroinvertebrate in Different Stream Powers in the Yarlung Tsangpo River 2015
Experimental Study on the Unsteady Characteristics of the Two-Phase Debris Flow 2015
A Preliminary Study on Mechanism of Meander Cutoffs 2013
A Preliminary Study on Spinulose Stream Networks in the Tongde Basin of the Yellow River Source, China 2013
A Study on Vegetation-Eolian Sand Erosion Dynamics and Its Applications 2013
Eco-hydraulics and eco-sedimentation studies in China 2013
Experimental Study on the Energy Dissipation Ratio of Step-Pool System 2013
Fluvial Morphology in the Source Region of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers – Features and Difference 2013
Investigation of Aquatic Ecology in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yalu Tsangpo River 2013
Long Term and Short Term Vegetation Restoration of Landslides on the YigongTsangpo River 2013
Macroinvertebrate Investigation and Preliminary Study of Water Quality Assessment of Beijing Urban Rivers 2013
Variances of Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Different Habitat Conditions of the West River, with Implications for Management of Rivers Affected by Channel Regulation Projects 2013
Restoration of an incised mountain stream using artificial step-pool system 2010
Ecological Measures of Controlling Invasion of Golden Mussel (Limnoperna Fortunei) in Water Transfer Systems 2009
Artificial Step-Pool System for Ecological 2007
Imapcts of Water and Sediment Load Change on Development of Meanders in Lower Yellow River 2005
South-to-North Water Transfer: China' S Water Project of the 21st Centrury 2005
Effect of Tongguan Elevation Reduction on Flood Defense in the Lower Weihe River 2004
Interactions Between Fluvial Systems and Large Scale Hydro-Projects 2004
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution of the River Mouths Around the Bohai Bay 2004
Initiation and Mechanism of Two Phase Debris Flow 2002
Numerical Study of the Effect of Cohesive Sediment Stratification on Velocity Profile of Wave-Current Combined Flow 2001

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Honorary Membership Award 2017

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