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Evaluation and Study of Flood Damage Reduction for Future Flood Control Use of Irrigation Reservoirs in the View of Local 2023
Evaluation of Runoff Change on Land Use Change to Forest Using a Distributed Hydrological Model 2023
Estimation of Inland Flood Damage Based on Extreme Precipitation in Japan 2022
Event Based Analysis on Spatial Distribution of Heavy Downpour Using Radar Rainfall Data in Yoneshiro River Basin, Japan 2022
From Snow to Sea — Managing enclosed seas under climate threat 2022
Estimations of Streamflow Characteristics Throughout Japan Using Artificial Neural Network 2020
Analysis on Snow Accumulation and Groundwater Resources by a Distributed Hydrological Model 2019
Evaluation of Rainfall Probability to Hazard Map in Laos PDR 2019
Evaluation of Soil Moisture Dryness Using Land Surface Model in the Case of Forest Fires in Tohoku 2017 2019
Remote Sensing for the Detection of Salinized Soil Using a Multispectral Sensor in the Zeravshan River Basin 2019
The Impact of Spatial Discretization Scale on Urban Hydrological Modeling Performance and Prediction 2019
The Influence of Antecedent Rainfall to Flashed Flood in a Mountainous River 2019
Forest Fire Affection to NDVI Phenology at Different Fire Severity and Tree Types in the Kamaishi 2017 Forest Fire 2018
Relationship Between Element Concentration in Edible Part of Corbicula Japonica and Habitat Environment 2018
The Attempt of Quantitative Compering with Environmental Dna and Biomass of Benthic Invertebrates in Japan 2018
Adaptive Genetic Consequences of Climate Change for Stream Insects: A Hydrothermal Simulation Approach 2016
Assessment of Wadi-Flow Variations Attributed to Climate Change in Muscat, Oman 2016
Evaluation of Snow and Groundwater Storages by a Hydrological Model 2016
Impacts of Flooding on Net Primary Productivity in the Floodplain Being Affected by Anthropic Pressures 2016
Near Future Climatic Impact on Seasonal Runoff in Sri Lanka 2016
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Groundwater Level and Irrigation Cost Under Climate Change in Bangladesh 2016
Urban Flood Damage Costs Estimation in Developing Country 2016
A Hydrological Approach to Revealing Relationship Between Physical Habitat and Genetic Diversity of Stream Invertebrates 2014
Consideration for the Impact of Topography and Human Activities on Nutrient Deposition Caused by Inundation in the Mekong River Basin 2014
Investigation of Local Peoples' Perceptions of Drought in Mountainous MAE Chaem River Basin, Northern Thailand 2014
Projection of Extreme-Rainfall-Induced Landslide in Thailand Using Three Global Climate Models 2014
Projection of Surface and Subsurface Water Resources Using GCM S in the Upper Chao Phraya River Basin in Thailand 2014
Seasonal Variability of Local Water Scarcity in Sri Lanka 2014
Spatial Cost Estimation of Compound Disaster Damages Under Climate Change in Japan 2014
The Evaluation of the Peak Discharge and the Improvement of a Distributred Rainfall–Runoff Model in the Yoneshiro River Basin 2014
Thermal Effects on Benthic Invertebrates Within the Headstreams 2014
Evaluation of Relationships Between Precipitation, Snow Depth, and Elevation 2013
Relationsip Between Aquatic Insects Habitats and Envieonmental Factors Using Hydrological Simulation Model 2013
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Surface Water Flow in Sri Lanka 2013
Water Temperature Effects of Benthic Invertebrates in the Natori River Basin 2013
Estimation of the Future Flood Damages in Japan Using GCMs and Numerical Geological Data 2010
Evaluation of Climate Change Effects on Discharge Generation in a Heterogeneous Watershed 2010
Distributed Model Parameter Estimation in Heterogeneous Regions: A Case Study in Poorly Gauged Andean Basins 2007
Effect of Canalization on Inundation and Suspended Sediment Deposition in the Plain of Reeds, Mekong Delta, Vietnam 2007
Analysis of River Temperature Based on a Hydrological Model 2005
Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability in Walawe River Basin, Sri Lanka 2005
Effect of Spatial Resolution on Hydrograph at Various Scales 2005
Influence of Local Hydraulic Characteristic to Water Quality in a River 2005
Verification Experiment on Effect of Litter Layer on Water Storage 2005

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