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Influence of Vegetation Height on Turbulence Structure and Sediment Deposition 2023
Automatic Velocity Measurement in River Using Unmanned Surface Vehicle 2022
Effect of Wood Debris Length on Bridge Clogging Process 2022
Influence of Turbulent Flow Structure on Particle Motion over a Rough Bed Consisting of Hemispherical Roughness Elements 2022
Measurement of Local Gas Transfer Velocity in Open-Channel Turbulence 2022
Flume Study on Driftwood Capturing System Using Rectangular Embayment Zone 2020
Simulating the Effect of Wind-Driven Shear Stress on Turbulent Open-Channel Flow 2020
Effect of Aquatic Vegetation on Gas Transfer Velocity in Open-Channel Flows 2018
Flow–vegetation interactions: length-scale of the “monami” phenomenon 2016
Development of Surface Velocity Divergence Model for Gas Transfer Phenomena in Open-Channel Flows 2012
Coherent Structure in Interfacial Shear Layer with Wind-Induced Water Waves 2010
Effects of Free-Surface Shear on Coherent Hairpain Vortex Genereted Near Flume Bed 2010
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Structure over Developing Sand Dunes 2010
PIV Measurements of Horizontal Vortex in Large-Scale Compound Open-Channel Flow 2010
Large-Eddy Simulation of Coherent Structures in Turbulent Flow over Fixed Two-Dimensional Dunes 2009
Turbulent Energy Transport and Convection Properties of Flows in Closed Channels Caused by Wind-Induced Water Waves 2009
3-D Large Eddy Simulation of Open-Channel Flows with Vegetated Canopy 2007
Coherent Eddy Structure in Meandering Compound Open-Channel Flows 2007
Discrete Vortex Simulation of Open-Channel Flows Including Bubble Plumes 2007
PIV Measuremens in Vegetated Open-Channel Flows 2007
Development of Multi-Layer Laser-Scanning PIV and Applications to Hydraulic Engineering 2005
Log-Wake Law in Time-Dependent and Depth-Varying Open-Channel Flow 2005
Velocity Distribution and Secondary Currents in Meandering Compound Open-Channel Flow with Floodplains 2005
Analysis of Unsteady Open-Channel Flows by Numerical Calculation 2001

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