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Calculation Methods of Landslide Dam Break Flood Peak Discharge 2023
Evolution of Cavitation Bubble Morphology Under Different Wall Temperatures Using Lattice Boltzmann Method 2023
Experimental Study of the Formation of Dammed Dams by Bulk Landslides 2023
Experimental Study on Microjet Induced Vortex in the Near-Wall Region 2023
Experimental Study on the Dilution and Diffusion Pattern of Grass Carp Environmental DNA Under Different Water Flow Conditions 2023
Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Flows in Wet Downstream Conditions 2019
Numerical Investigation of the Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation of Interval-Pooled Stepped Spillways 2019
Numerical Investigation of the Standing Waves in Stepped Dropshaft 2019
Numerical Investigation on Turbulent Characteristics of Downstream of the U-Bend Open Channel for Different Froude Numbers 2019
Reynolds Number Effect on Flow Pattern of Turbulent Offset Jet in Narrow Chamber 2019
Air concentration and velocity downstream of an expanding chute aerator 2018
Numerical investigation of air–water flow properties over steep flat and pooled stepped spillways 2018
Numerical and Physical Modeling of Water Flow in V-Shaped Stepped Spillway 2017
Second-order force scheme for lattice Boltzmann model of shallow water flows 2017
Time evolution of water surface oscillations in surge tanks 2017
Velocity distributions in laminar and turbulent vegetated flows 2016
Energy dissipation and flow characteristics of baffles and sills on stepped spillways 2014
Numerical Simulation on the Interaction Between a Wall Jet and a Parallel Offset Jet 2013
Differences in Basal Energy Sources in a Regulated River: Implication for River Restoration 2012
Application of LSSVM in Estimating the Metabolism Rate for a River Restoration Study 2011

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