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Europe Member 2012-01-01 2016-07-28

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Modelling of Fine Sediment Infiltration into Static Gravel Bed: Binary Mixture Packing Model 2023
Simulation of a Particle-Laden Turbulent Flow Using OpenFOAM 2022
Using Drum Screen Units to Stop Transported Macroplastics in Rivers 2022
Enhancement of a numerical model system for reliably predicting morphological development in the Saalach River 2020
Innovative solutions and new tools for fish-friendly hydropower  2020
Modelling seasonal flows alteration in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta under upstream discharge changes, rainfall changes and sea level rise 2019
A Behavior-Based Robotics Model for Simulating Fish Movement in a Pathway 2018
Evaluating the performance of habitat models for predicting the environmental flow requirements of benthic macroinvertebrates 2018
Fish Behavior and Fish Guidance at Hydropower Intake Screens for Fish Downstream Passage 2018
Fish Behavior and Fish Guidance at Hydropower Intake Screens for Fish Downstream Passage 2018
Fish Upstream Passage at Hydropower Plants and the Influence of Turbine Operation Conditions on Bypass Findability 2018
Fish Behavioral and Mortality Study at Intake and Turbine 2016
Integrating Artificial Neural Networks into Hydromorphological Model for Fluvial Channels 2015
Application of an Artificial Neuronal Network for Estimation of Contraction Scour 2014
Hydraulic Modeling of the Effects of Glen Canyon Dam Operations on Larva Rainbow Trout Habitat in the Colorado River 2014
Predicting Bacteria Movement in Rivers-a Computational Tool Based on Physical Experiments on the Fate and Transport of Bacteria 2014
Assessment of Sedimentation and Flushing Efficiency for Kajbar Hydropower Project in the Nile River 2013
Numerical Simulation of Flow and Upstream Fish Movement Inside a Pool-and-Weir Fishway 2013
Algorithms for Tracking of Fish Path Using Image Processing 2012
Cavitation Cloud Erosion Model-Cloud Sample Experimental Tests 2012
Fish Downstream Passage at the TUM-Hydro Shaft Power Plant Experimental Study of Fish Behavior 2012
Numerical Simulation of Flow Pattern Inside a Pool-and-Weir Fishway 2012
Innovative Hydroelectric Concept 2010
Modeling of Sediment Transport and Morphologic Changes in Alluvial Channels 2010
Numerical Investigation of Grain Size Effect on Bed Deformation in Meandering Channel 2010
A Comparison of RANS-Based Computations and Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Cavitating Flow 2009
A Web-Based Platform for Hydraulic Engineering Education Using New Media Technologies 2009
3D Numerical Simulation of Flow and Sediment Transport in an S-Shaped Open Channel 2007
Hybrid Modeling of an Intake for Hydraulic Optimization 2007
Three-Dimensional Modelling of an Extreme Flood Event for the City of Innsbruck 2007
Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of Flow Regimes in Step -Pools 2007
A Neural Network Based Operational Reservoir Inflow Forecasting Model for an Alpine Hydropower Plant 2005
Efficient Design Optimization and Investigation by Combining Numerical and Physical Models 2005
Validation of a Numerical Model for Graded Sediment Transport in Open Channels 2005
Numerical Solution of Viscous 2Dv Free Surface Flows: Flow over Spillway Crests 1999

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