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1D Numerical Modelling of Sediment-Bypass-Tunnel Operation in a Narrow Reservoir 2023
CFD Analysis of Bioenergetics Metric at a Step with Horizontal Cylinder 2023
Dynamics of Mesoscale Fluvial Habitats of an Alpine Reach Under Various Flow Conditions 2023
Effect of Grain-Size Distribution Discretization in Morphodynamic Simulations with Mixed-Sized Sediment 2023
Material Scaling for Laboratory Experiments of Zoned Dam Breaching Due to Overtopping 2023
Numerical Modelling of River Hydro-Morphology Impact on Plant Seed Dispersal 2023
On the Role of Free-Surface Treatment for Simulating Flow Past Submerged Obstacles 2023
Resilient Rivers - Interdisciplinary Research on Refugia, Connectivity and Stepping Stones 2023
River Hydrodynamics and Seed Establishment Processes: A 2D Modelling Approach 2023
Typical Layouts of River Widening Projects in Switzerland 2023
1D Numerical Modelling of Sedimentation Propagation in a Narrow Reservoir 2022
Basemeso: a tool for the automatic delineation of fluvial mesoscale patches 2022
Fine Sediment Deposition in a Restored River Reach – Case Study Alpine Rhine 2022
Fish Swimming Behavior and Bypass Acceptance at Curved-Bar Rack Bypass Systems 2022
Integrated modelling and monitoring of e-flows regulation in a Swiss Alpine river 2022
Natural and Artificial Refugia in Dynamic River Widenings 2022
Simulation of Flow Around a Wall-Mounted Semi-Ellipsoid – Comparison of URANS and DES Modelling Approaches 2022
Numerical simulation of air entrainment in uniform chute flow 2021
Research Overview on Multi-Species Downstream Migration Measures at the Fithydro Test Case Hpp Bannwil 2018
Numerical embankment breach modelling including seepage flow effects 2017
Breaching of Small Embankment Dams: Tool for Cost-Effective Determination of Peak Breach Outflow 2015
On the Role of Modelling Approach for Simulation of Bank Erosion in Straight, Trapezoidal Channel 2015
Transport and Propagation of Fine Sediment at Alpine Rhine Delta and Lake Constance During Floods 2015
Numerical modelling of non-cohesive embankment breach with the dual-mesh approach 2012
A Comparison Between a 1D- and a 2D-Numerical Modelling of a Local River Widening 2007
Unsteady Two-Dimentsional Modelling of Wetting-Drying Effects in Shallow Flows over Complex Topography 2005

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