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JRBM Editorial Board Associate Editors 2017-01-01 Now

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Title Year
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Free Surface Flows over Rough Beds 2022
Geomorphic Impacts of the Operation of Xiaolangdi Reservior on the Lower Yellow River 2017
New criterion for the stability of a human body in floodwaters 2014
Changes in Reach-Scale Bankfull Hydraulic Geometry in a Braided Reach of the LYR 2013
Modeling of the Bank Erosion Process in the Upper Jingjiang Reach Using BSTEM 2013
New Criterion of Human Stability in Floodwaters Based on Theoretical and Experimental Studies 2013
Preliminary Prediction on Critical Continuity Duration of Density Current Head in Xiaolangdi Reservoir, Yellow River 2013
Incipient velocity for partially submerged vehicles in floodwaters 2011
Theoretical Estimation and Numerical Modelling of Annual Energy Output from a Tidal Barrage 2011
Numerical Assessment of People and Vehicles Safety in Flash Floods 2010
The Severn Barrage Project: Modelling Comparisons for Power Generation and Hydrodynamic Impact 2010
2D Morphodynamic Modelling of Dam-Break Flows over Mobile Beds 2009
The Severn Barrage: Hydro-Environmental Impact Assessment Studies 2009
Study on the Influence of Different Operational Modes of the Sanmenxia Reservoir on the Tongguan Elevation Using a 1D Mathematical Model 2004
Temporal and Spatial Variation Characteristics of Riverbank Erosion Mechanisms and Rates in the Lower Yellow River 2004
Numerical Simulation for Dike Overtopping and Partial Breaching Flow and Its Application 2002
Non-Oscillatory Computation Schemes for Vertical Plane 2-D Suspended Sediment Transport Equation 2001

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