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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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16258 Changes of Watershed Management Against Floods in International Rivers
Takao Masumoto; Tomijiro Kubota; Shuh Matsuda
16259 Development of Flood Emergency Response System-Case Study of Kangshan Flood Detention Area in Jiangxi Province
Jikang Lu; Chong Li; Xiaopei Li
16260 Studies on the Optimal Operation Model of Flood Control System
Xiang Fu; Changming Ji; Liping Wang; Miguel A. Marino
16261 Improvement of Flood Risk Management in China
Zhang Yuhuan
16262 Flood Control in Dry Regions and the Use of Rainfall Flood as Water Resource
Shiying Cheng; Yuzhen Liu; Haijun Xu; Ton Li
16263 Invited Lecture: Evaluation of Flood Estimates at Ungaged Sites Using Continuous Hydrologic Simulation and Regression Equations
T. W. Soong; T. D. Straub; C. E. Di Stefano
16264 Invited Lecture: Roll Waves and Surges in Channels: Onset and Initial Development
M. S. Ghidaoui; A. A. Kolyshkin
16265 Backwater Computation for Choked Flood Flows Through Bridge Contractions
Baosheng Wu
16266 Evaluation of Accuracy of Gray and FSR Synthetic Unit Hydrographs in the North of Iran
Mofid Gorji; Seyed Khallagh Mirnia; Mashad Gholi Maramaei
16267 Seasonal Trends of Rainfall and Flow in South-West England
D. Han; I. D. Cluckie; W. Kang

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