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Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Flood Defence (Beijing, 2002)

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16278 Scale-Invariant Hyetograph Model for Stormwater Drainage Design
Ke-Sheng Cheng; En-Ching Hsu
16279 Climate Change Impact on Runoff of Dalihe River Basin in Loess Plateau
Guoqing Wang; Yunzhang Wang; Haobing Li; Lingling Kang; Zhonghai Shi
16280 Effect of Projected Global Climate Change on Flooding Intensity in a Northern Catchment of Bangladesh
Fahima Shahadat; Mustafa Ataus Samad; Jalaluddin M. Abdul Hye
16281 A Comparison of the Areal Raindepths from Severe Rainstorms in India with Those of the World
P. R. Rakhecha
16282 Analysis of Flooding in the Middle Yellow River in August 2001
Liu Xiaowei; Li Shiming; Xu Keyan; Feng Ling
16283 A New Approach Within Hydrometeorological Technique for the Estimation of Average Depth of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) over Nepal
Binod Shakya
16284 Flood-Time Runoff Analysis and Its Implication on the Flood Defense
Norio Hayakawa; Minjiao Lu
16285 Historical Change of the Rating Curve Along the Jingjiang River
Guanglei Duan; Congsheng Tang; Huafang Yang; Guizhou Sun
16286 Invited Lecture: Field Tests on Failure of River Dike by Seepage
Hideo Nakajima; Akio Katsuyama; Osamu Nakayama; Kiyoshi Mamiya
16287 Quality Controlled Geotechnical-Geophysical Monitoring of Flood Levee' S Condition in Hungary
Peter Salat; Laszlo Nagy

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