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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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ID Title Authors Year
17152 Safe Visual Navigation on the Nile River
Tarek Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
17408 Sediment Transport Experimentation by Using a Physical Model – Experiences Learned
Muhammad Ashiq; John Doering; Muhammad Younus
17153 Experimental Study on Destruction and Defense of Closure Dike
Cen Wen; Shiqiang Zhao
17409 The Applied Research of Computer Long-Range I/O Control Technology in Large-Scale Hydraulic Model Test
Guochang Zhao; Xujin Zhan; Xiaobiao Li; Hongxiao He
17154 Sedimentation in Channels of Access to Ports: Channel Access to Port of Barranquilla, Colombia
Ismael Antonio Quintero Espinosa; Roberto Mejia Zermeno; Aldo Ivan Ramirez Orozco
17410 Characteristics of Artificial Sediment-Ps and Its Applications in Physical Modeling of Sediment Transport in Rivers
Lijun Zhu; Jianzhong Wang; Hongwu Tang; Yang Xiao; Zhiliang Wang
17155 Research of Flow Field and Sediment Movement in Engineering Area of a Shipyard
Wangsheng Li; Dianguang Ma; Xin Liu
17411 Flow Fields Around Bridge Abutments in Compound Channels
Sjoerd Van Ballegooy; Bruce W. Melville; Stephen E. Coleman
17156 Sediment Management in Irrigation Districts Along the Lower Yellow River
Hongling Shi; Qing Dai; Jian Hu; Anjun Deng; Yuping Yuan; Qingqi Tian
17412 Overall Arrangement of Flood Control for the Taihu Basin in New Period
Zexin Lin; Keqiang Liu; Bei Li

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