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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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ID Title Authors Year
17219 Engineering Works and Their Effects on Movement and Storage of Sediment in Mississippi River and Its Major Tributaries
Robert H. Meade
17220 Mathematic Model Based on Minimum Rate of Available Energy Dissipation and Its Application in the Lower Yellow River
Xujian Chen; Chunhong Hu
17221 1D Mathematical Model for the Lower Yellow River
Qiaolan Han; Qiwei Zhang
17222 Modeling Sediment Transport and Fluvial Processes in the Yangtze River Reach Between the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhouba Dam
Yuanhang Wang; Xuejun Shao; Junkai Li
17223 2-D Numerical Modeling Unsteady Flow and Sediment Transport in Chongqing Reach of the Yangtze River
Chijian Zhou; Bagen Chaolun; Hongwu Zhang; Yang Peng; Yu Zhang
17224 Application of GIS Technique in the Numerical Simulation of Flow and Sediment Transport
Guoxian Huang; Jieren Chen
17225 Diversion Model of Flow and Sediment Transport with Erosion and Deposition in River
Guangming Tan; Xinming Yu
17226 Analysis of Forecasting Model for the Runoffs of Kau-Pyng Xi
Rui-Te Wang; Chang-Shian Chen; Chin-Hui Liu; Mei-Mei Yang; Yu-Ta Chung
17227 Recent Changes in Runoff and Sediment Load and Their Tendency in the Upper Changjiang River
Quanxi Xu; Guoyu Shi; Zefang Chen
17228 Rescaled Range Analysis of Spaticl and Temporal Characteristics of Discharge and Sediment Load in the Middle Reach of Yangtze River
Guifang Yang

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