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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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ID Title Authors Year
17159 Experimental Study on Hydraulic Performances of a New Type Filter for Microirrigation
Huanfang Liu; Jun Wang; Quanli Zong; Xinlin Li; Jiouying Hu
17160 Application of the Modified Log-Wake Law to Non-Uniform Open-Channel Flows
Junke Guo; Ming Cheng; Qian Ma; Pierre Y. Julien
17161 Investigation into Velocity Distribution Law in Sediment Laden Flow
Anping Shu; Yongnian Xu; Shangfu Kuang; Xiangjun Fei
17162 Analysis on Velocity Lag of Sediment and Fluid in Open Channel
Junsheng Jiang
17163 Using Environmental Radionuclides to Trace Sediment Mobilisation and Delivery in River Basins as an Aid to Catchment Management
Des E. Walling
17164 Analysis on Large-Scale Turbulent Structure in Natural Rivers
Jinyou Lu; Haitao Xu; Shiming Yao
17165 Optical Measurements of Grain Velocity and Sediment Concentration in Shallow Upland Flows
Madhusudana R. Suryadevara; Shyam N. Prasad; Mathias J. M. Romkens
17166 Turbulence Characteristics of Open Channel Flow over Rough Bed
Jianjing He
17167 Comparison of Methods Predicting Composite Roughness in Compound Channels
Shuyou Cao; Kejun Yang; Xingnian Liu
17168 Distribution of Local Friction in an Open Channel
Mirali Mohammadi

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