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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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ID Title Authors Year
17169 Transverse Kinetic Energy Correction Coefficient in Hydraulic Computation of Compound Channels
Kejun Yang; Shuyou Cao; Xingnian Liu
17170 Experimental Study of Flow Pattern in U-Shape Bend Channel
M. R. Pirestani; M. R. M. Tabatabai; A. A. Salehi Neyshabouri
17171 Using Multi-Grid Method in Σ-Coordinate System to Simulate the Momentum Jet
Lingling Wang
17172 Laboratory Experiments on Density Currents
Amir Hamzeh Haghiabi; Mehdi Ghomeshi; Seyed Mahmoud Kashefipour
17173 A New Accurate Numerical Model for Dam-Break Problems
Jiaquan Deng; Xiaoming Wu; Yue Zeng; Weimin Wu
17174 Application of Artificial Neural Network in Stage-Discharge Relations
Yin-Sung Hsu; Hsiang-Chun Chou; Wan-Li Liu; Hsi-Chin Hsieh; Wen-Cheng Chen; I-Min Chang
17175 Intelligent Estimation of Length of Recirculating Flow in a Sudden Expansion by Artificial Neural Network
A. A. Dehghani; P. Fathi; M. Ghodsian
17176 Study on Jet Flow Development Integrating with Initial Region
Jianchao Lee; Yuanyou Tan; Junda Chu
17177 Bed Form Dynamics and Bed Load Transport
N. I. Alekseevskiy
17178 An Experimental Study on the Change of the Incised Meandering River
Takeo Uee; Tadashi Utami; Minoru Nakayama; Tomohiro Itakura

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