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Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (Yichang, 2004)

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17209 3D Simulation of Flow Around a Submerged Trapezoidal Spur Dike
Yafei Jia; Sam; S. Y. Wang; Roger Kuhnle; Carlos Alonso
17210 Modeling of Sediment Transport in Alluvial Rivers with Spur Dykes
Hajime Nakagawa; Hao Zhang; Yasunori Muto
17211 3-D Numerical Modeling of Local Scour Around Bridge Pier
Yuanya Li
17212 Numerical Modeling of Flow Pattern and Bed Evolution Around Spur-Type Structures
Abm Faruquzzaman Bhuiyan; Farzana Huque; Akm Saifuddin
17213 Effect of the Initial Depth on Sand and Gravel Mining PIT Migration
M. Shourian; S. Ali A. Salehi Neishabouri
17214 Bed Level Variation in a River Bend During Floods
Yu Li; Z. B. Wang; H. J. De Vriend
17215 Simulations of Bed-Load Aggradation Process Due to Overloading
Shou-Young Chang
17216 Modeling Erosion and Deposition by 1D Depth-Averaged Moment Equations
Yee-Chung Jin; Qingchao Guo
17217 Application of Gstars 2.1 Model for Degradation in Alluvial Channels
Khalil I. Othman; Deguan Wang
17218 1-D Numerical Model of Flow Motion and Suspended-Sediment Transportion in River Networks of the Pearl River Delta
Wei Zhang; Yixin Yan; Yuliang Zhu; Jinhai Zheng

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